Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Goals 2010

Mama and I went to the beach last week for just one night, and amidst lots of eating, being on the beach, and laughing (read more about it here), I got my summer goals written up!

Summer Goals

finish reading the Bible
buy a camera
finish all of my sewing projects
learn to make bread
cook dinner once a week
finish memorizing I Corinthians 13
memorize four more Scripture passages
get 30 followers on both blogs
read 20 books
eat a poptart

There's lots more stuff I have planned to do, but those are my specific goals. It's not a huge list, because I wanted it to be do-able. :-)


Miss Pickwickian said...

Awesome! You can do it!

Johanna said...

Great goals! :-D

I thought the pop-tart one was especially worthy. Go to.

Jubilant Wife said...

Good job! Now post them somewhere where you can't avoid seeing them or you'll forget them like me. :-)

dura mater said...

Great goals! I think you'll be disappointed in the pop tart, though...