Wednesday, August 18, 2010

His Rules

This was also on my "20 Books This Summer" list, and I read it a couple weeks ago.
It was different than I was expecting... it wasn't about courtship, really, but more about preparing for marriage--and not in the learn-how-to-sew-and-make bread kind of preparing. 

It is written to both young men and young women, which seems like it would be hard, but they do a really good job...partly because it is written by a guy and a girl.

They had a lot of good things to say about the fact that your relationship with God is the most important thing in preparation for marriage. If Jesus isn't your all-in-all, then you'll try to make your spouse that, which is a recipe for disaster.

I highly recommend the book!


Jubilant Wife said...

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Johanna said...

Looks good! Maybe you should make it your next giveaway! :-D