Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Our pastor preached a sermon on "Beauty in the Bible" on Sunday, which was excellent, and got me thinking about all kinds of stuff. I encourage you to listen to this sermon. 

Download or just listen here.

I have read and heard many thoughts on beauty, but this sermon was just so clear and spot-on. Yesterday I also listened to a sermon by John Piper on why God delights in His creation, which really applied to a lot of what I have been thinking about. 
Let me know your thoughts if you listen to the sermon. 
There will be another post (probably several) on this subject, as my thoughts on the whole thing coagulate. :-)

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Jubilant Wife said...

One point I really appreciated in his sermon was that God wants, nay, commands us to make things beautiful, which really goes against our culture's strictly useful' mentality. It's funny how it can even sound holy to make things strictly utilitarian ("waste not"), but that's not what the Bible says.