Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book Review ~ For Young Women Only

This is one of my favorites. It gives a fresh and accurate perspective on a lot of things that girls should know about. It's basically a book all about guys for girls!

The book is based on a survey taken of young men, and it includes the results throughout. So we girls really do get the inside scoop on what is going on inside guys' heads. Some of it I already knew ( I do have three brothers), but a lot of it was really eye-opening.

I thought that the chapter on modesty was especially helpful, because guys are telling us what is hard for them. If you are struggling with your attitude regarding modesty, copy one of the quotes and put it on the wall in your closet! It's easy to think they should just get over it and we shouldn't have to have less fun because of their stupid problems, but this book really is really convicting to that attitude. They are wired differently, and we just can't fully understand the way they think.

Another thing that was really emphasized, was that guys really crave respect. We gals want to be loved, and so we assume that's what they want most too. One of the survey results showed that a much greater percentage of young men would rather be respected than loved. A lot of it can definitely help in relating to any guys, whether it's your dad, guy friends, brothers, or a fiance.


Miss Pickwickian said...

Good post. :-)

Guys need respect like we need love. I wish I could get that stuck in my head.


Johanna said...

I wish more girls would read this book...I think it'd help a lot!

Good review, Suzy.

Jubilant Wife said...

These ARE really good books.
Have you ever read through the modesty survey done on the Rebelution.com? That was really helpful for me. It's long, but you can look at the areas you're interested in.